svchost.exe restart; Step 8: After doing restart also svchost.exe process using more CPU so, you should stop it. To do so do right tap on it and select Stop. Step 9: There is another option also, you can disable service by taping on it and select Open Services. Step 10: Now select it from Windows Services and do the double tap on it and click on Disable button after that tap on the Apply

Scan the Computer System for Viruses. Most of the time when there is an occurrence of the … SVCHOST consuming 25% of my CPUs - Windows 7 Help Forums Jun 18, 2016 How to Fix svchost.exe using 100% CPU / Memory Leak Jun 03, 2007

Windows 2003 and High CPU Usage in Svchost | Network

May 14, 2012 svchost.exe *32 using 25 cpu in temp folder | Tech Support Guy I believe I have some sort of svchost.exe virus. Whenever I start up my computer, it immediately sounds like I am running a game on the highest quality because my fans are blowing so hard. When I boot up a task manager, it says that svchost.exe is using 25 cpu, and the only way to use my

CPU Usage Stuck @25% - svchost.exe [Solved] - Virus

Jan 11, 2013